Unifying Concepts

Indications for Cryopreservation of Oocytes

The freezing of oocytes has become a clinically viable option for women who wish to have a child in the future but are facing either an age-related or iatrogenic decrease in the quality and quantity of oocytes.

Reasons to Consider Cryopreservation of Oocytes

  • Immediate threat to fertility because of chemotherapy or pelvic radiation therapy
  • Surgery associated with risk of damage to the ovaries
  • Ovarian disease (e.g., endometriosis) with risk of damage to the ovaries
  • Risk of premature ovarian senescence because of Turner’s syndrome (45,XO), the fragile X syndrome, or a family history of premature ovarian failure
  • Genetic mutation requiring oophorectomy (e.g., in BRCA-mutation carriers)
  • Failure to obtain sperm by means of testicular sperm extraction on the day of oocyte retrieval in men with azoospermia or anejaculation
  • Excess oocytes during in vitro fertilization along with ethical objection to or program-specific restrictions on fertilizing more oocytes than will be transferred during one cycle
  • Preservation of donor oocytes
  • Preservation of fertility to delay pregnancy for personal reasons



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