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Ulcerative Colitis Activity Index

Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a chronic immune-mediated inflammatory condition of the large intestine that is frequently associated with inflammation of the rectum but often extends proximally to involve additional areas of the colon. Once a diagnosis of UC is made, determining the severity of disease becomes important.

Proposed American College of Gastroenterology Ulcerative Colitis Activity Index

Remission Mild Moderate-severe Fulminant
Stools (no./d) Formed stools <4 >6 >10
Blood in stools None Intermittent Frequent Continuous
Urgency None Mild, occasional Often Continuous
Hemoglobin Normal Normal 75% of normal Transfusion required
ESR <30 <30 >30 >30
CRP (mg/L) Normal Elevated Elevated Elevated
FC (µg/g) <150–200 >150–200 >150–200 >150–200
Endoscopy (Mayo subscore) 0-1 1 2-3 3
UCEIS 0-1 2-4 5-8 7-8

The above factors are general guides for disease activity. With the exception of  remission, a patient does not need to have all the factors to be considered in a specific category.
CRP, C-reactive protein; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; FC, fecal calprotectin; UCEIS, Ulcerative Colitis Endoscopic Index of Severity

Mayo score for ulcerative colitis activity

Parameter Subscore (0–3)
Stool frequency 0 = normal number of stools
1 = 1–2 stools more than normal
2 = 3–4 stools more than normal
3 = 5 or more stools more than normal
Rectal bleeding 0 = no blood seen
1 = streaks of blood with stool less than one-half of the time
2 = obvious blood with stool most of the time
3 = blood alone passed without stool
Findings on endoscopy 0 = normal or inactive disease
1 = mild disease (erythema, decreased vascular pattern, and mild friability)
2 = moderate disease (marked erythema, lack of vascular pattern, friability, and erosions)
3 = severe disease (spontaneous bleeding and ulcerations)
Physician’s global
0 = normal
1 = mild disease
2 = moderate disease
3 = severe disease

Simple Clinical Colitis Activity Index

Symptom Score
Bowel frequency (d) 1-3 0
4-6 1
7-9 2
9+ 3
Bowel frequency (night) 0 0
1-3 1
4-6 2
Urgency of defecation None 0
Hurry 1
Immediate 2
Incontinence 3
Blood in stool None 0
Trace 1
Occasionally frank 2
Usually frank 3
General well-being Very well 0
Slightly below par 1
Poor 2
Very poor 3
Terrible 4
Extracolonic features  1 per manifestation


Ulcerative Colitis Endoscopic Index of Severity

Descriptor Likert scale anchor points Definitions
Vascular pattern 0 = normal Normal vascular pattern with arborizations of capillaries clearly defined
1 = patchy obliteration Patchy obliteration of vascular pattern
2 = obliterated Complete loss of vascular pattern
Bleeding 0 = none No visible blood
1 = mucosal Spots or streaks of coagulated blood on the mucosa surface, which can be washed off
2 = luminal mild Some free liquid blood in the lumen
3 = luminal moderate or severe Frank blood in the lumen or visible oozing from the mucosa after washing or visible oozing from a hemorrhagic mucosa
Erosions and ulcers 0 = none Normal mucosa, no visible ulcers or erosions
1 = erosions Small defects in the mucosa (≤5 mm), white or yellow, flat edge
2 = superficial ulcer Larger defects in the mucosa (>5 mm), discrete fibrin covered, remain superficial
3 = deep ulcer Deeper excavated defects in the mucosa, with a slightly raised edge


Poor prognostic factors in ulcerative colitis disease severity

  • Age <40 yr at diagnosis
  • Extensive colitis
  • Severe endoscopic disease (Mayo endoscopic subscore 3, UCEIS ≥ 7)
  • Hospitalization for colitis
  • Elevated CRP
  • Low serum albumin

The greater the number of poor prognostic factors, the worse the prognosis as measured by the likelihood of colectomy.



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