Unifying Concepts

CT Colonography Reporting and Data System (C-RADS)

In 2005, the CT Colonography Reporting and Data System (C-RADS) was established to provide a means of classifying findings of CT colonography (CTC) and of applying the advantages of structured reporting to the setting of colorectal cancer screening.

CT Colonography Reporting and Data System (C-RADS)




C0, inadequate study

Inadequate preparation; inadequate insufflation

C1, normal colon or benign lesion

No polyp >/= 6 mm; recommend routine screening with CT colonography or colonoscopy in 5 years

C2, intermediate polyp or indeterminate finding

Polyps 6–9 mm, < 3 in number; recommend CT colonography polyp surveillance or colonoscopy with polypectomy

C3, polyp, possibly advanced adenoma

Polyps >/= 10 mm; >/= 3 polyps, each 6–9 mm; recommend colonoscopy with polypectomy

C4, colorectal mass, likely malignant

Lesion compromises bowel lumen, shows extracolonic invasion; recommend surgical consultation


E0, limited examination

Compromised by artifact; evaluation of extracolonic tissues severely limited

E1, normal examination or anatomic variant

No extracolonic abnormalities visible; no workup indicated

E2, clinically unimportant finding

Examples: simple liver or kidney cyst, cholelithiasis without cholecystitis; no workup indicated

E3, likely unimportant, incompletely characterized

Example: minimally complex or homogeneously hyperattenuating kidney cyst; workup may be indicated; dependent on specific clinical scenario

E4, potentially important finding

Examples: solid kidney mass, aortic aneurysm; workup generally indicated, but dependent on specific clinical scenario; communicate to referring physician as per accepted practice guidelines



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