Indications and Contraindications for Tilt Table Testing

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  • Recurrent syncope or single syncopal episode accompanied by physical injury or motor vehicle crash or occurring in a high risk setting (for example, pilot, surgeon, commercial vehicle driver) and no evidence of structural cardiovascular disease; or presence of structural cardiovascular disease but other causes of syncope ruled out by diagnostic testing

  • Syncope induced by or associated with exercise

  • Further evaluation of patients in whom an apparent specific cause of syncope has been established (for example, asystole, high atrioventricular block) but susceptibility to neurocardiogenic syncope may affect treatment plan


  • Syncope with severe left ventricular outflow obstruction (for example, aortic stenosis)

  • Syncope in presence of severe mitral stenosis

  • Syncope in setting of known critical proximal coronary artery disease

  • Syncope in setting of known critical cerebrovascular disease




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Created: December 11, 2005