Indications for Selective Operative Cholangiography

Preoperative Indications

  • Recent history of acute biliary pancreatitis
  • Recent history of jaundice
  • Recent history of cholangitis
  • Abnormal preoperative ultrasound demonstrating a dilated common bile duct or a defect (stone) in the common bile duct
  • Evidence of common bile duct obstruction on hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid scan (HIDA Scan)
  • Increased serum bilirrubin
  • Increased serum alkaline phophatase
  • Increased serum amylase

Intraoperative Indications

  • Dilated extrahepatic bile ducts
  • Unusual anatomy or inability to discern anatomy
  • Concern or suspicion of bile duct injury




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Created: Aug 17, 2009