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Thyroid Imaging Reporting and Data System (TI-RADS)

Thyroid nodules are a frequent finding on neck sonography. Most nodules are benign; therefore, many nodules are biopsied to identify the small number that are malignant or require surgery for a definitive diagnosis. In 2012, the ACR convened committees to (1) provide recommendations for reporting incidental thyroid nodules, (2) develop a set of standard terms (lexicon) for ultrasound reporting, and (3) propose a TI-RADS on the basis of the lexicon.

Thyroid Imaging Reporting and Data System (TI-RADS)
The ultrasound features in the ACR TI-RADS are categorized as benign, minimally suspicious, moderately suspicious, or highly suspicious for malignancy. Points are given for all the ultrasound features in a nodule, with more suspicious features being awarded additional points.


  • Cystic or almost completely cystic:
  • Mixed cystic
  • Solid or almost


  • Anechoic: 0 points
  • Hyperechoic or isoechoic:
  • Hypoechoic: 2 points
  • Very hypoechoic: 3 points


  • Wider-than-tall: 0 points
  • Taller-than-wide: 3 points


  • Smooth: 0 points
  • Ill-defined: 0 points
  • Lobulated or irregular: 2 points
  • Extra-thyroidal extension: 3 points

Echogenic foci

  • None or large comet-tail artefacts: 0 points
  • Macrocalcifications: 1 point
  • Peripheral (rim) calcifications: 2 points
  • Punctate echogenic foci: 3 points

Based on their total points, nodules are then classed into five categories of suspicion for cancer:

  • 0 points, benign: No fine-needle aspiration (FNA).
  • 2 points, not suspicious: No FNA.
  • 3 points, mildly suspicious: FNA if >/= 2.5 cm; follow if >/= 1.5 cm.
  • 4 to 6 points, moderately suspicious: FNA if >/= 1.5 cm; follow if >/= 1 cm.
  • >/= 7 points, highly suspicious: FNA if >/= 1 cm; follow if >/= 0.5 cm.



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