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SARC-F Questionnaire for Sarcopenia

The SARC-F questionnaire is a screening tool that can be rapidly implemented by clinicians to identify probable sarcopenic patients. The questionnaire screens patients for self-reported signs suggestive of sarcopenia, which include deficiencies in strength, walking, rising from a chair, climbing stairs, and experiencing falls. Each of the self-reported parameters receives a minimum and maximum score of 0 and 2, respectively, with the greatest maximum SARC-F score being 10.

SARC-F Screen for Sarcopenia

Component Question Scoring
1. Strength: How much difficulty do you have in lifting and carrying 10 pounds? None 0
Some 1
A lot or unable 2
2. Assistance in walking: How much difficulty do you have walking across a room? None 0
Some 1
A lot, use aids, or unable 2
3. Rise from a chair: How much difficulty do you have transferring from a chair or bed? None 0
Some 1
A lot or unable without help 2
4. Climb stairs: How much difficulty do you have climbing a flight of 10 stairs? None 0
Some 1
A lot or unable 2
5. Falls: How many times have you fallen in the past year? None 0
1ess than 3 falls 1
4 or more falls 2

Data suggests that a SARC-F score of ≥4 best predicts the need for further, more comprehensive evaluation.



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Created Jun 28, 2023.

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